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The National Excellence in School Leadership Institute (NESLI) forms part of global education company, Navitas, which is headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. In July 2022 Navitas proudly launched its first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). The Navitas ‘Reflect’ RAP identifies practical plans for action and tangible ways we will build mutually beneficial relationships with First Nations stakeholders, and demonstrate respect for First Nations cultures, histories, knowledge and rights. It also lays a foundation for us to explore meaningful ways to increase access to education and improve employment outcomes for First Nations peoples, and to increase supplier diversity to support improved economic and social outcomes.​

Women & Leadership Australia has proactively engaged with First Nations communities for a number of years. We are proud of this engagement and look forward to further developing these relationships in a more formal capacity.

“This artwork has been designed to reflect the Navitas values and commitment to transforming lives through education with the use of Whadjuk Noongar patterns and symbols. These include the large circle representing the Navitas community and its connection to people. Circles in Noongar/Whadjuk stories generally describe a meeting place. Within each layer of the circle there are patterns that represent Navitas in unique ways. Repeated circular patterns reflect the many campuses and sites that Navitas and its colleges operate globally. I have used shapes to represent more than 6,000 employees; one resembles the letter ‘TT’ which means Man while the other more curved TT means Woman in Whadjuk. The upside ‘U’ is used across Australia by many artists including myself to represent a person who is neither gender or age specific. I have also incorporated patterns to represent weaving, binding and strengthening Navitas through the creation and implementation of its Reconciliation Action Plan. Dancing people represent Navitas in the community in all its diversity. I have adapted original Navitas symbols used to demonstrate conviction (the raised, closed fists) and rigour in enhancing the professional reputation of Navitas (modified magnifying glass). There are other more subtle symbols and patterns that reflect partnerships with more than 30 Universities around the world and commitment to caring for people and the environment.

This artwork encompasses Navitas as a whole, describes how the organisation will bring every part of itself into the Reconciliation Action Plan and reflects how Navitas can use its expertise to empower this change and movement while growing and learning side by side with First Nations peoples.”

- Marcia McGuire, artist

About the Navitas Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) artwork:

Marcia McGuire is a Whadjuk, Ballardong and Yamatji Aboriginal woman from Perth Western Australia. Since she was a young girl, Marcia has felt a strong connection to art; she loved to draw and paint, never missed art classes and always achieved top results in art at school. Inspired by her ancestors’ traditional art, dreamtime stories and culture, Marcia loves to create and design art that incorporates traditional customs and designs into everyday living, so that First Nations culture continues to be represented and celebrated in modern culture.

As an artist, Marcia is always looking for ways to bring her people’s culture into everyday living. “It’s no lie to say I live, breathe and dream of art in everything I do.”

In 2021, Marcia was engaged by one of our Navitas colleges - SAE Creative Media Institute – to produce a mural for the Perth campus, which was unveiled as part of National Reconciliation Week celebrations. The beautiful artwork acknowledges the traditional Whadjuk women who gave birth on the land where the campus is built.

In 2022, Marcia was engaged by Navitas to produce this artwork for its inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan.

About the artist, Marcia McGuire

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this document includes reference to a First Nations colleague who has passed and may also contain images or names of other deceased persons.​​

You can read the Navitas RAP here

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